Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Gospel and Music

"Patty Griffin’s new gospel-infused album, “Downtown Church,” celebrates what she calls the largely untapped soul of American music. But it also honors one part of a holy trinity of musicians for Ms. Griffin, a singer and songwriter who is more at home in the world of crossing genres than crossing Jordan." NY Times

This is my first official post on music, and being so, it's also about my favorite artist/musician. Alas, a compilation of those southern,whole hearted,bellowing acoustic sounds, style of music from the soul together on one album. I also play the guitar, or better yet, make "noise", because I can't play any one song without reading the chords (slowly) or playing along with someone who does take the time to memorize the song. But, I received great advice this year from a real musician when I asked her about learning songs. She said, "find what you like and then work on it." Sounds simple enough! On another musically inclined thought, a group of girls who love music and are talented (and great teachers I might add) musicians share the same love for soul music. Don't look for me in the local bars anytime soon, wait, ever for that matter, but will I be at home singing along to this album, finding a way to play the songs? Yes! ! And likely trekking back and forth across the street to glean and share this music with neighbors. Wouldn't it be great if churches began adopting the ole' fashion hymns and gospel message acoustic style?

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Karen Connor said...

sweet. i enjoy some patty! i'll have to check it out and maybe we can sit and hash out some chords together :)


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