Monday, January 4, 2010

And the shepherds enter...

When my sister Jennifer and I join Carrie(the middle sister) at her husband's family gathering for Christmas we always participate in their annual tradition of the Christmas play. This year Jenn and I played the shepherds. Now we made the props ( nice cardboard boxes do wonders for a manger) and have the same costumes each year (large cotton ponchos). The music is the same and the lines are the same, a very simple orchestrated play, lasting all of ten minutes. But, it's the best 10 minutes! The girls sang "O'Holy Night", and then Joseph and Mary enter and we sing "Silent Night"..and then shepherds least we're supposed to enter. I somehow got lost in the script ( of maybe 10 lines of the whole play) and when we were "cued" to enter I turned around and starting walking out...I thought I was already at the manger! Anyway, I made it back after several pushes and shoves and my sister Jennifer grabbing my arm and she kneeled down, and hearing the echo "ENTER..enter.." and snickering everywhere. And then we concluded with "We Three Kings" as the men entered and "Joy to the World".

The only other tradition I love more is our "share" time. All the adults share significant stories, or scripture, and others a song. We always have about 10 minutes or so. All the kids had music to share, even little Mitchell(3) and Johnny(4). Jacob has taken up the trumpet, he is
such a performer. He and Lilly both are auditioning for "Annie" this year. I'm so thankful for this beautiful family. My brother-in-law is a great friend and has taught me so much over the 14 years he's been married to my sister. When they all came over to the Crestwood Cottage he spent time doing my "honey do" list, because I don't have a honey yet! ;) Thanks Mike, love you!

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