Friday, January 22, 2010

Faith & Health

This sweet picture is of a dear friend of mine from high school, Cassie & her little girl Ella Katherine. Today I got to see Cassie under circumstances that are unfortunate, but full of hope and faith. Ella Katherine was flown to Children's Hospital yesterday, and lost ability to live on her own, on the way in the helicopter. The team at Children's revived her and placed her in a coma with life support, and a chemical paralysis giving her no chance to live. I can't imagine what my friend and her husband experienced, but prayer and hope is all I could think about for the next 24 hours. Today, along with another best friend of mine, Anna,who married into Cassie's family, met me at the hospital to see Cassie. It had been years since we actually were in the same place, and it felt so great, such a sweet friend. She said that God has removed her fear and assured her of His total control over Ella K. At 10am today little Ella's heart began to beat on it's own. Praise! And then while we were there, Ella was in surgery to get a device to help her breath, and before they even began, her chest rose and fell ever so slightly on it's own. Praise! I am believing and hoping along with Cassie & her family, that each improvement will bring another and another, and her little girl will be back home soon. Please pray for them during this time. It was amazing to see my friends faith and joy in every small detail that pointed towards life for Ella Katherine. She's only 4 and we hope this will be the beginning of an amazing testimony as to God's power in her life.

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