Friday, October 16, 2009


I would not classify myself as a "specialist" in anything , but I'm considering a new direction for the upcoming year. How does Reading Specialist sound? It has a ring to it. Recently I discovered a new program at UAB that is tailored for educators, a post Master's degree. The School of Education has implimented an Educator Specialist degree with a focus in Reading. What does this mean? Well, my love for reading, illustrations, and helping impoverished kids may have another outlet than the visual arts. Not that I'm excited about going back to school, but in a wierd way, I am excited about the idea. The next couple of weeks will be when advisors look at my transcripts and I decide if this is do-able. The beauty is that several hours of the degree were already fulfilled in my M.A.E.(Master's of Art Ed.). So, say a little prayer, I may be changing direction soon. The artist in me will always be 'at work', so maybe it will find it's way into a book one day !

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natalie said...

wow! this is awesome!


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