Sunday, April 19, 2009

From my Sister

This week I tried (2) new recipes. My oldest sister Jennifer is extremely healthy and always talks about how wonderful this, that, and some other food or nutritious snack, is making her feel. When my friend Joy was visiting with me I cooked Bok-Choy soup, hoping the Chinese meal would be a treat for someone who lived in China for two years. The recipe consisted of Leeks,Bok-Choy,Veg.Broth,Onions,Edmames, S&P to taste, and egg noodles. The first two ingredients were foreign to me. I wasn't even sure what they looked like, but all the same, the soup was delicious. It lasted for left overs and afternoon snacks for a few days.

And the best, a spicy Corn Chowder (the link is a similar recipe) w/shrimp. I literally ate the whole batch of soup in a day and a half. Simple recipe again, with Sweet White Corn, Shrimp (optional),Whip Cream, Veg.Broth,Onions, Green chillies, Potatoes, and any other delightful veggies you want to add. It was so easy, and so good.

While I'm the subject, if you haven't heard of the Porch Pies making it to Hollywood, you should at least try their Buttermilk Pie recipe, there's a reason people in L.A. are paying $30 for this pie. .it's a fantastic Southern delicacy.  With all the talk about eating healthy with my sister I had to try my hand at this, and have just ONE piece. .thankfully the rest is spoken for...happy cooking !

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The deVilleneuves said...

yum! they all sound so good...i have some buttermilk in the fridge, so i just might have to try the pie this there a specific recipe you use for it?? is it on the website?


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