Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Like a Shadow

Does this look like me? With my hair in a bun of course...? I think so, perhaps a bit younger though huh? My sister suggested I venture into several different crafts this summer. Creating silhouettes was one of them. I've seen beautiful paintings of them by this artist. The black and white portrait reminds me of the 18th Century, when photography first made it's way into the world.
I love the idea of using some family photos and creating a timeless portrait, albeit without details or color. Whereas when we are found in Christ, our identity and being, alone in Christ. Just so, it's like the "shadow of things to come",mentioned in Hebrews, as here we have no lasting city, to understand the life ahead in eternity. Recently I was reminded by the apostle Peter's life, how easily "life" distracts and hinders, rather than simply being able to love and follow Christ. There can be alot wrapped up in one's identity, yet the most fulfilling I've found is of that of being a child of God, an heir of Christ, and part of holy people being called and set apart for His kingdom. If gazing inward towards Christ,worshipping Him, and seeing the eternal kingdom of God on earth is a shadow of the heavenly life ahead, it's a shadow I need to gaze upon much more frequently.

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