Sunday, March 16, 2008

Now there are four

wow. now there are four. i have a niece, and three nephews. gladly watching them all grow up in home built on the solid rock, Christ. lily and jacob, the oldest now, were memorizing entire Psalms when they were 4 and 5 years old. now their little hearts are sweet and continually full of joy. jacob, 9, his age always reminding me of the beginning of my walk with Christ. being an aunt has it's rewards. i hope they are always brought closer to Christ, know His word, and live out through His Spirit, what it means to be a Christian. afterall, Christ tells us "the greatest among you are these little children", and another scripture,"unless you enter as a child, you will not see the kingdom of God". even though we are always teaching the younger, they are also an example to us. "have faith like a child".


Mike & Carrie, Jacob, Lilly, John and Michael jr. said...

LOVED having you here!!! A true breath of fresh air!! Thanks Mandi for making the drive!! We love you and are excited about the GREAT things HE HAS DONE!!

Mike & Carrie, Jacob, Lilly, John and Michael jr. said...

Just wanted to blog again now that I am official!! ...but I guess I NEED to get to bed!!! Love you and thanks for "hooking me up"!!

Anonymous said...

Mandi, you are such a blessing to all especially the kids. Thanks for always being there for your sisters, you are truely loved by this family. Tom


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