Wednesday, February 6, 2008

black history month and the gospel

these two, creative and outgoing youngins are who i get to hang with on Wednesdays afterschool program "BCAP". we host a partnership with the Civil Rights Institute to teach Black History through drama, art, music, and dance. my role, is to teach about the Civil Rights using fine art. these kids are awesome. at the end of the day they come in, without complaining, waiting for instructions and anticipating what is next. i admire many of them. these kids are the future of our communities. and too, i'm reminded of scripture. we are to enter into His kingdom, as children, if we expect to inherit it. as well as the picture of the "greatest" among us, a young child was illustrated in the Bible. have faith like a child. ..i'm sure there are other mentions in God's word, those are just a few i recall plainly. what do i know about Civil Rights and suffering for my color? not much, but my heart has been broken over vivid accounts in history, pictures, and remembering the hate that was imposed on the black community. it is an inadequacy that God has used. today i was asked, "do you like black people?" by a student in 7th grade. i was confused and then told, "well you the only white teacher, and you know white folks". .. and the student went on. i responded with the reality of evil in every man's heart apart from Christ, until we know Him as Savior and He replaces the stone with a heart of flesh. i spoke briefly of history and assured them that i wanted to be there.

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