Thursday, February 7, 2008

bearing a famous name

random, but true. i was named after "miss kitty" of Gunsmoke. i'm sure my parents were going for something unique, but ...well. i grew up with those of my parents generation recognizing who i was named after upon introduction. once in college i ventured to go by my middle name alone, "Blake". once again, venturing towards the unique. so for ten years it has been so, and my family continues to comfort me with the nickname "Mandi" (with an i). you just have to say that when it's not a (y). anyway, this year i found that i always tag myself as Amanda Blake, and always have signed my whole name. to continue my ventures, I've made certain, my whole name is not entirely too long. i think it's perfectly normal to have a double name, besides, it was "miss kitty's" whole name, not the first or middle part that i was named after.

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