Sunday, March 18, 2012

Springing Forward

This weekend was likely one of the last "solo" weekends my hubbie and I will have for awhile, and the fun (plus excitement of little girl on the way) laughter was nonstop. One of our destinations (after my first Japanese steakhouse dinner) was the movies & we decided afterwards to jump in the "Fun Photos" booth and strike some poses. 
We could NOT stop laughing at ourselves..and then came the surprise instant replay video of all the goofy moments in between(the 5 seconds to decide on another pose). I would have paid extra to have that memoir as well. My head and belly were so full of laughter I thought I would explode if I laughed anymore. We chose the "BestFriends" vs. the "I Love You" theme (I mean if you're going to be cheesy,go for the gusto right?) 
Of course we took one morning and walked to my favorite trail, Jemison Park in Mt.Brook, and took in the fresh air, shading trees, and birds in the air.
Photo op! I seriously look like I could go into labor at any second and I'm sure every onlooker and passerby was sure that was exactly what we were trying to do. 

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