Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Artwork Brainstorm

Where to go next? From angels, horses, landscape, private commissions, renderings, drawings, and abstracts here and there, I'm not sure where to go with my painting. I love victorian, time-worn images, antiques, old buildings, salvaged furniture, and always have been intrigued by the inside of medical care. Is that a diverse enough of interests to explain my dilemma? I like using wood, paper, pens, paint, and found materials. When I can, I love making abstract, yet recognizable subject matter in paintings. If you take a minute to scroll through, will take a minute and comment/suggest your most "likable" pieces. ..and no I don't have a facebook button to make it official, but I'd love to know what others might think or like or have ideas about after looking at my work. Don't be shy! 

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