Thursday, January 12, 2012

Creative Life

It's amazing how life changes and creates experiences to remember the rest of your life. This year ended with a joyous opening of a friend's art boutique, giving me a studio space and platform to sell paintings. The year began with my husband becoming part of the Air Force and joining their medical field. And, of course, our little baby girl on the way! (very on the way) 
Fascination is one way to describe how I've observed, experienced, and been transformed(literally)into a mother-to-be. From eating with more than myself in mind, to nesting, to slowing down, to watching my body expand. There's not many words to express the way God divinely grows a child in the womb, only that HE DOES, and amazingly equips us women to carry the load. 
All the recent life changes have placed my creative juices in high gear and now instead of anticipating what life changes will do or how they'll effect me, I'm welcoming them with excitement. As my pastor preaches he always prefaces scripture teaching with "it taking deep root in our hearts." Those are the roots that allow growth no matter where you are, what the situation, or duration of season may hold. The same roots also keep you nourished, vibrant, and hopeful in all things. I'm looking forward to the adventure of parenthood with my bestfriend and the changes life creates along the way. 

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LauraK said...

What a beautiful post. Am excited to hear all this new life surrounding you is helping you be even more creative! Please frame this picture. now.


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