Monday, November 21, 2011


It's true, all I can do around here is organize, clean, plans for organizing and cleaning, and start and finish small house projects. It feels SO GOOD! Here are a few home improvements, via window decor. I can't come to a conclusion on curtains, so I've updated my blinds and roman shades. 

The brown drab blinds are now a softer tone, with burlap, and not as transparent.

And the interior was all done with simply folding, and yes, a glue gun. These windows sit low between our neighbors house, so literally never are seen from the outside..I had to preface for the next picture because it's not exactly beautiful on the other side. 

The next room was the bedroom and the roman shades. There used to be a cream color set, but after attempting to wash them, and failing (they fell apart-literally), and realizing I had to put something over my windows before going to bed... I used the parts and made my own roman shades. Nothing fancy.

And again, just a simple fold and the ever-so-reliable glue gun.

Also, started a onsie piece, for little girl. Not finished yet, but enough to show where it's going.

Finally, an older piece I just added some final touches to, although again, nothing fancy. Last year we bought new mattresses and didn't realize how high our box spring would sit in our bed frame. I had to almost catapult myself onto it. So my sweet husband crafted a stepping stool (which are impossible to find) and then I added the ticking stripe pillow with a burlap strap to secure it to the stool. It gives the room a hint of a rustic feel, which I love. 

Off to nesting! There's always something to do right?

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LauraK said...

Love the onesie. We must have a sewing party soon in my new craft room!


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