Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Heart of a Home

 Yesterday we worked from home, which is such a gift to have your husband home, but we were in separate quarters of the house. This rendering is per request by my sister. Their home was built shortly after she got married in 96' ( I was just waking up to the real world then and leaving high school ). Anyway, here we are, 15 years or so later, and the house, with one addition on the back, is still as beautiful as ever. It's not alone on the street anymore, now it's surrounded by homes and has become part of a quant neighborhood north of Atlanta. We LOVE visiting my sister, brother-in-law, and their kids. I have 3 nephews and a beautiful niece. So, this is for her, something she asked for awhile ago, and I finally completed (almost done) it. Just need to draw in the garage,bricks, and add white charcoal and watercolor. Then, viola', it is done! I love architecture and began drawing facades, buildings and studying structures in college. This was such a great piece to work on, and inspired a whole new set of paintings on the horizon. 

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