Wednesday, April 13, 2011

DIY Porch Swing

My friend and her husband have been renovating their home, interior and exterior. I couldn't help but keep up due to the fact they live in cottage bungalow like mine. I wish I had more time, but one project seemed like it could be done rather easily. My porch is such a great place to rest, visit with neighbors, feel the cool air, and especially swing! Never have I considered the rusty feeling of chains or the way the pillows on the swing have to be on either side so the chains don't rub against me, that I wasn't alone in feeling perturbed...until this idea. Sorry, you'll have to dig a little to find the post, but it's there. The idea passed along to replace the chain with a sturdy rope. The aesthetic appeal alone stole my heart and I knew this would be a DIY project for the spring. This week my sweeeeet fiance' decided to take over because he loved the idea, and well, I procrastinate. Thanks to a "man-project" driven individual, and wonderful best friend,during the storm, rain and all, the porch swing was transformed into gliding bliss.

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Karen Connor said...

I love this!! So great. HAPPY FOR YOU!


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