Saturday, March 26, 2011


reminisce - recall the past; "They sat there, reminiscing all afternoon"
think backremember - recapture the past; indulge in memories;

It never hurts..and beauty is that he's still pursuing me..much like Christ. During this Lenten season, not only am I looking briefly back on some great dates,but walking through the book of John. Remembering,capturing, and ingesting the most powerful love story in my life..Jesus.

July 2010

After Andrew came to visit for the first time in early July last year we decided on one more rendezvous. Besides, I HAD to see him again for school began in full swing..ahem. So I went to "visit" my sister in Charleston, and casually let Andrew know I'd be there. He planned a picnic and we spent the day at this amazing 17th Century plantation/gardens. We were free to wonder around and picture the families that had once lived there. The moss, greenery, water, wildlife..and beautiful skies,it was perfect. 


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