Sunday, March 6, 2011


To continue to catch some of you up on the back story of my fiance'. (Is that a French word?) After (3) long months of long distance dating we discussed plans for him to move. We had read a C.S. Lewis book,"The Four Loves", as well as a dating devotional(sounds cheesy, but it was great). Because his job is easily done from anywhere, the transition wasn't incredibly difficult. The hard part was creating this space in my life for a new person. One that I cared about strongly, felt like a teenager around, and even thought well into the future when we were together. After all we were more than just pen pals. It was daunting and brought out alot of fears that were anchored in my heart over the years. Does he really love me? How do I know? Can I trust him? He proved to me over and over again he was exactly the man he said he was since the day we met. I admire his patience with me and steady confidence of pusuit. Love is strong. ... (to be continued)

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