Monday, January 24, 2011

Lost and Found

Five to six years ago I dove into re-learning the Spanish language. After traveling across the globe to places like Spain, Mexico, and Dominican Republic God showed me a mission field here in Birmingham. My bestfriend, at the time roommate, had already begun planting seeds in the lives of kids from mostly Spanish speaking backgrounds. Yesterday we both received an email from a precious young girl we spent alot of time discipling through Bible club and outreach. She lived in a trailer park with over 300+ spanish speaking families. You never know if you'll see fruit from the sewing, or salvation grow from the foundation...but sometimes you do. This is the sweet note we both got yesterday. Be encouraged friends...plant and sew the seeds, you could witness the power of God's word in due time.

Subject: Thank you note! :D

"Hey Ms. Blake :)

I hope u remember me. Im Madelyn. The lil chubby girl from green park that would go to bible class at the office with u and Ms.Kate :)

I wanted to thank u and Ms.Kate for everything ya have done. Ya showed me God...My Father. I went on the right path before like i wrote to Ms.Kate i was lost but now im found :) Tyler Hicks and his 2 cousins Devin and Brady Young brought me to Highlands. To this Program Switch. It was amazing! The memories of my childhood came back to me. Even after 5 yrs i still cherish the bible Ms. Kate bought me. I will never forget ya. Thanks for u and Ms.Kate that im not the chick doing drugs, having sex, falling with the others but im one of those ppl like you and Ms.Kate that help ppl up.

Im proud to say im 16 yrs old and i love life, i love God and im liven life the fullest with amazing friends that lead me into a great path. "God only test the ones who he knows can get threw it"

I hope we can catch up! After all its has been 5 yrs!

God Bless and Thank You again!"

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