Monday, December 27, 2010

Changing the World...

Food? Check this out, a compassionate chef ventures to change the world's view of eating.

TED talks are a recent discovery of mine. This upcoming year Birmingham will host it's very first Ted talk event,that I suggest you check out.
If you're like me, art and creativity are high on the list of importance in seeing the world. Don't pictures or videos of poverty and slum communities make you think, "how could this be?" I've always wanted to visit London and Paris. After looking through another artists view of capturing the city, my perspective changes. The museums will still be a place to visit, but reaching the poor with the good news, with hope, will be much higher on my list. Who wants to be a glamorized tourist? Not me.

Art an Action-"Compassion to Change the World"

My mom always told me, "one person can make a difference." She was serious and encouraged me to look and see how valuable ideas, adventures, and unique leadership can change the course of not one, many peoples lives. I'm thankful for those words. I finally believe them. My example is Jesus Christ. Thankfully He is the One person who changed the course of the world. Where would I be without Him?

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