Sunday, December 5, 2010

1st Christmas Tree

This house has been my home for just over two years. Last year ( please keep this on the "DL), I cut down an evergreen shrub and put it in a pot for my Christmas tree. There's a row of them on the side of my house. I knew that I couldn't single-handedly carry a real tree from anywhere, let alone, make it straight,etc. The tree this year is from Home Depot. After riding through the city looking for a 5ft tree under $30 we finally, reluctantly drove to Home Depot. It was alot more anti-climatic, BUT, there it stood, the 5ft Frasier Fir, for only...$19.95! SOLD! Too bad it was 9:05pm and Home Depot was closed. We made sure they wouldn't sell out and made our way back the next day. What a fun day! And, to top it off, the sweet lady trimming the trees asked me (I must have been drooling over the wreaths) if I would like the left over trimmings. Would I??? Yes and yes I am one of those DIYs and can't wait to make my wreaths and cover my mantle. So, the adventure continued, and we (he-getting a tree is such a man job) moved furniture around and found a cozy corner, decorated, made hot chocolate, and enjoyed the results of all our hard work. My house feels more like a home than it ever has before, and smells like Christmas! 
Here's the finished lighting of the tree. ..and yes the lights were readjusted after I sent a picture via my phone to both of my older sisters. Almost at the same time they text me back and said...uhm, who's in charge of the lights? It's looks great now! 


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