Sunday, November 14, 2010


Do you recognize this? Did I ever share with you all that once I looked at these online...and ordered what appeared to be a muted orange shoe. Wrong, they're going on Ebay. They literally could glow, and today I won another pair. So maybe I'll order the funky green pair and auction them as well. 

I did what runners call "PR" today and ran my best time on the trail...ever! The 10k burrowed through trails at Oak Mtn State Park and was absolutely beautiful. All I could think of (when I wasn't focused on breathing and moving forward) was the canvas of the mountains. Gorgeous yellows,oranges,neon reds and a soft hush everywhere. This morning felt like an act of worship as I ran, and for that I'm forever thankful. Winning a race is fun, but at the heart, Christ must be exalted. If today was the last trail race of my life, I'm thankful God's strength and grace revealed to me so much more than just running. May He do the same in you wherever you are and whatever you do, for in Him, all things are possible. It's time to start painting and making Christmas gifts around here. I love this time of year!

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LauraK said...

Congrats Dearie! I'm proud of you! I'm still interested in your glowing trail shoes if you're still looking for a taker...Looking fwd to running with the winner this week!


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