Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ms.Art Lady...

Fresh Clean Water

A Chorus (not done yet!)

Before long I'll be packing my car full of these angels paintings and heading to the museum. As it's only been two years since I began painting angels and there've been ALOT of variations. This time I've decided to "get loose" and let these angels sing, dance, hold hands, and join the chorus! I'm truly going to miss the little kids I used to see everyday ...each morning grabbing hand and hugging me with their pint size LOVE sayin' "Hey Ms.Art Lady, when we come to you?" "When we have art?" I'm having a sad moment..those kids were ADORABLE, I just wish those were the kids I taught everyday. I  hope they get an art teacher that loves them half as much I do! I'll miss my peeps!

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