Saturday, June 19, 2010

No One Puts Baby in a Corner


In the past five years this guitar hasn't made many appearances. I love music, I really love the guitar, BUT, my skills are limited. Playing Amazing Grace over and over, in different keys or picking it, can get old, and sad to say, I still don't have the chords memorized. So, my goal this summer is to not only play Amazing Grace by "heart", but also learn and remember how to play a few more. This is a goal, so it doesn't necessarily have to be met, but it's worth trying! That guitar has a voice all it's own and I can tell when it's says, "THAT SOUNDS AWFUL". And to add to my self affliction, I try to sing to most of the songs, you know, just like you do when you're in your car and THAT song comes on. It may just be me, but I turn it up and bellow like I'm in perfect harmony or singing EVEN better than what's coming through the radio. But that's just me, I may be in the minority. It's something I've done as far back as I can remember, like singing "Just the Good Ole' Boys", the theme song to Dukes of Hazard. I also LOVED trying to wiggle my voice, you know, like with Whitney Houston's "I'll Always Love You". I pictured myself on stage and my parents just pretended along with me I guess, they never turned the music down to keep me from singing. Looking back, I'm sure they were thinking, "this is a slow torture". My sisters are the only ones who were honest with me, laughing and letting me know that singing like I was trying to balance a wad of gum in my throat while singing did NOT sound the way the artist singing did. Although I still think I got pretty close. The perks of being the youngest sister never end. They still patronize my singing and notice every "superstar" tactic I try when we sing together at Christmas or even with the radio for that matter. Maybe in my mind, the car is the perfect place to audition yourself, even if no one is listening. I love music and will continue to play and sing like a contender for the Grammy's, regardless of my low-profile music career.

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