Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Saturday in GA

Happy 15th Carrie & Mike

We've had a blast hanging out on the porch today(with ceiling fans-deluxe!), reading, laughing, eating (alot of smoothies& popscicles),playing Wii, resting, talking, drawing/coloring, walking around the! All in a days work. This weekend my sister and her hubby spent the day at a retreat mountainside to celebrate 15 years of marriage. I've loved walking alongside them and seeing their love for Christ reflected in their marriage and family. There's alot of loud laughing going on so I've got to get back to the fun! I'll be making my way up to the coast tomorrow to join my other sister Charleston,S.C. She just happens to live on Sullivan's Island, on the beach, and has a bike for my transportation.
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