Friday, April 9, 2010

You know that song?

At 8:30 am my Friday began at school. My students come in ready to do whatever and however, as long as they could sing and be loud while doing it. It's not a bad compromise. Two questions were brought to my attention that I was sure those of you who are "fans" of my students would love.

Chelle: Oohh, it's Friday Ms.Coile. (she starts singing, ie. you do a slow song) "It's Friday, all we have to do is dance,I'm gonna dance.."  Ms.Coile,Have you heard that song? (Me:No..?)
Chelle: You'd like it.It's an old peoples song, it don't got no cuss words in it.

Lakeisha: Hey Ms.Coile. Hey, have you seen "Why Did I Get Married Too?" (Me: No..?)
Lakeisha: Well, we did cause' we have it on bootleg at tha house. We watch ervrything on bootleg, me and and my mamma.

Happy Friday, hope everyone has a joyous weekend !

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