Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Holi-DAY

Today is another spring holiday. Please don't ask what holiday, I don't know. But nonetheless I'm celebrating spring today with working on paintings in my "at home" studio, yard work, listening to music, writing, and resting. Enjoying life can be difficult with schedules, deadlines, busyness, and worrying. This weekend during a time of prayer and seeking God it was clear to me that Jesus Christ is my joy. He's more than that, a burden-bearer, full of life, forgiving, the sacrifice, the servant, a friend, leader to Heavenly Father, perfect, and rejoices with us in gladness. How often am I glad? How often am I joyful? As hard as it is to admit, worrying and fiddling with my life has brought me to this realization. Get out of God's way, let Him be God. Am I devoting myself to Christ? Lately it looked like I was devoted to myself, or to the "sways and deceit" of the world. All my heart fills with worship at the thought of letting God be in control and provide His plans. If I do anything today I hope that it brings God glory. I hope that Christ is exalted in my heart, mind, and soul.

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