Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Back So Soon..

And we're back in school, Tuesday felt like Friday, students forgot not to cuss, talk about drugs, and sex in front of the teacher, and alas we have THREE art contests coming up in April.
Monday there were also THREE students from my 8th grade class of "angels" that were directed to the principal.
Here's why: 
 #1. a student was passing "unknown items" between two other students and would not empty his pockets.
#2. another student began throwing markers..yes, very near to me when my back was turned. 
 #3. her dear brother jumped out of his seat and literally at the door as I was trying to convince the #1 student to empty his pockets..great distraction..I ended up with a pack of gum and giving up on whatever else he was hiding. Afterwards #2 & #3 were told they'd be expelled(are you surprised they're related?), the other had to return with a parent the next day. The next day #1 assured me that "we're coo, and we gonna have a good day." I just sometimes have to remind myself , "my number is not listed, I'm not in the phonebook..there's no way they can find me." I sometimes wonder if these kids would ever get so mad they'd come find me...needless to say, I'm reminded of where I work, what I do, and which battles are worth fighting. I'm just the art teacher for crying out loud. But, the more I learn about "dying to self", the more I see Christ's purpose in this crazy place they call school, I call.. well, "something like school." Everyday as I pass the projects housing before turning in to school my eyes remind my heart these kids aren't ordinary, they're special. I leave and remember nine months has almost passed...and all summer several kids will be there among the prostitution,drugs, and alchohol. Please pray for the students in these poor and neglected homes in Birmingham. While we dine and feast on the finest, they are eating just enough, sleeping just enough, and not being loved just enough. Information and history about the community I work in can be found here. and here.

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