Thursday, February 18, 2010

In a Few Short Weeks

The trail run at Oak Mt. will be last one of the Alabama series. I can't wait! It's the one race I've taken serious and trained for over time. I forgot how much I love competition, but also, just being healthy and outdoors. Yesterday I did something for the first time, I journaled about how I feel when I trail-run. I won't bore you, but thought I'd share a tid-bit :
"Running can be cathartic, just like painting, with direction for imagery or expression of deep memories or emotion, an end result only you can appreciate. Soon I’m lightly skipping over the several blocks that make a bridge over the creek and hearing the sounds of water for the first time. It’s like placing your ear to a large seashell and just listening for the sake of listening. Then it’s on to my favorite splice of the trail, all gravel and dirt, a canopy of tall pines, and a creek flowing just down the embankment. The shade is a welcome breeze after pushing through a mile or so into the trail.."

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