Sunday, February 14, 2010

Double Tree

The painting here is one of my "re-do's" after college. I am sure I've painted over most of my Senior Thesis work up to this point..unless it sold. My painting instructor always said that you shouldn't grow "too affectionate" towards a painting. One of his reasonings was that "you won't sell it." Another, was that if it's not above your fireplace or hanging in a gallery, it's likely going to end up in a closet. I remember his advice, partly because it's proven to be true. I'm sentimental about other's paintings. Ok, and a few of my own, if you've seen my walls at home, those are the few I couldn't part with, at least not yet. A friend of mine suggested I enter this year's Energen Art Contest. This painting "Double Tree" is on of those I hesitate about taking to anybody to receive any feedback. I love it and that's all that matters. BUT, the art show is oriented in terms of landscape and nature, so I'm going to become "less affectionate" and submit it as an entry. Who knows, it might still be in my room after the jury gives their vote.  

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