Saturday, January 16, 2010

Say hello, wave goodbye

This is a pair of boots, mind you my first pair as an adult, at least since high school. Of course they were for my 26th birthday, they're 5 years old. Did you hear me...? Five years these babies have trekked through alot. I have never had such a comfy pair of boots. My sister who lives in Charleston (I know..why would someone at the beach need boots?) convinced me I needed a pair. I'm glad she did. There have to be friends around me that are just too sweet to tell me I wear them TOO much. I wear them with dresses,jeans,skirts, and just about anything I can get away with. They're just that great. This is not an ad for Frye boots, but I confess they have me "hook,line,&sinker." This year I broke down and bought a black pair of slouchy Frye boots and have not regretted the investment. Now I question how selfish it would be to find a brown pair. We all have to say goodbye to our old shoes, boots, clothes,etc. at some time, right? So far my "window shopping" hasn't gotten me very far in this endeavor, but I'm hoping to find a sale and snag those next pair perfect boots to last another 5 years. Don't judge me on this, but I may name my next pair! Suzy, Bessy,...suggestions? ;)

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Mama Matteo said...

i TOTALLY understand. i went out and "splurged" on a pair about 4 years ago and haven't regretted it for a second. i am actually wearing mine right now and dont plan on retiring them any time soon. good luck on your search


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