Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hand- me -downs

After my last post about boots and how my older sister convinced me I needed them I began thinking about how much she influences me. Mostly for good. ;) Jennifer is the most advantageous person I know when it comes to being healthy and staying in good shape, albeit she doesn't run, she's more a pilates guru.Today I made a smoothie, caution, these ingredients may cause you to think "gross, I'd never eat that". That's ok, it's all blended in my mind, and tastes great. I toss in spinach(Vitamin C),carrots(Vitamin A),strawberries(iron),yogurt(calcium),whip cream(just because I love it)...and press Blend. After a few seconds of watching it all mesh and pulverize I grab a glass and anticipate a healthy drink. I'm convinced that being healthy comes in all forms and fashion. Eating healthy isn't always easy, so after I splurged on a McD's cheeseburger (so!), I came home and made this to fulfill any and all nutrients that are absent in fast food. In March I'm racing the final Xterra trail series, in hope to represent Alabama in Oregon in September. My goal is to be in optimal shape and "PR"(personal record) for the 10k! Plus, if I win in March, they pay my entry fee to the Nationals. And lets be honest, if I'm buying a plane ticket to Oregon to go run through a trail for 13.2 miles, I need all the motivation there is to offer.

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