Saturday, December 12, 2009

You must meet..

Beau Gregory. Beau is my best friend's nephew. Last year Kate invited me to join them all for spring break at the beach. Now Kate's family, is like my family. Over the years her sisters & their families, and her dear mom & dad have treated me as part of the family. During spring break I saw Beau in his element, full of energy, constantly playing with his sisters, and literally in a world all his own. At bedtime he put on his "space boots", which are actually leg/foot braces. See, Beau was diagnosed with Duchenne's not too long ago. It's a common thread of muscular dystrophy among boys. Even when his energy level is high, there are times he MUST slow down. He gets weak when he plays too hard. I fell in love with this little boy and his story. I have nephews too, and they too, are always on the go, rough and say the least. Last year Beau's parents and several others hosted a fundraiser "Derby for Duchennes", and I was able to donate artwork for the silent auction. This year I decided to do something special. I love to run. Anyone who knows me will eventually hear me discuss running on the trail at Jemison or how much I loved running races growing up. So....I'm going to host a race in honor of Beau! I found "Run for our Sons" on the Duchennes website and instantly knew this is what I wanted to do. I'm inspired by him and his family and their strength. I hope we can inspire this little boy! The race will be in April at the Jemison Trail / Mt.Brook loop, a 10k. Please tell all your friends who love to run and support a great cause too! There will be a webpage with registration and details soon !

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