Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's Christmas

Why can't Christmas be full of natural decor, like greenery, silver spray painted pine cones & sticks, and especially burlap stockings. Stockings are big deal in my family, as well as Christmas pajamas. Anyone else? Stockings are sure to have (1) pistachios (2) fruit (3) socks or gloves (4) a fun surprise. I love helping my sister prepare Christmas for her kids. Filling their stockings, setting up their gifts and sitting up late remembering when we were young. This year I found my Christmas tree in my yard, a little evergreen had fallen in a storm, so now it's in my living room with lights and ornaments, waiting to be replanted soon. It's not as pitiful as it looks in the picture ! ;) Growing up I remember putting the candy canes on the Christmas tree last, and in places that were easy to access. Everyone loves edible ornaments, at least I did. It was the two to three days after Christmas, while the tree was still up, that I'd gather all the candy canes.

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