Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tennessee Treasures

This Christmas my dad passed on several treasures that belonged to my Nanny (that's right we're southern). She & Grandpa Doc (not to be confused with Pawpaw) made ceramic dolls from the home in Knoxville,TN. Nanny sat me down when I was little and told me all about her craft and how she painted each little detail and gave the dolls curly hair by twisting their mini-wigs. They also made birds,plates,and so on..they had ceramics all over their home. I know because I had to play VERY carefully in their house as to not break anything. Many times I sat at their three-tiered organ and tried to play songs...simple ones like "Mary had a little Lamb". In the backyard was a large white barn-like building where the ceramic molds and kilns were. I dreamed of having these in my house one day. She also made the clothes on these dolls, including bloomers,stockings, and bonnets. Amazing! Nanny was also an amazing cook, she baked all the time. I'll never forget her biscuits, I think her biscuits were the largest and fluffiest biscuits in the south. The whole family talked about em'. If she were still with us I'd ask for a tutorial, but maybe I'll try her recipe soon! Happy New Year !

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