Saturday, June 6, 2009

Friendship & Gardening

What can I say? It's such a humble beginning...they will's so exciting to think about..finally have a garden. A dear friend of mine gave me several herbs, plants, and gardening tips for starting from scratch. Just so happens my sister, aka, the "Pocket Gardener" was in Birmingham this weekend and helped me thrust into the world of gardening ,within hours I had a small garden complete with mint,rosemary,peppermint,lemon balm, 'moses cradle', and other tanty little greenery. The special part of this whole garden is that it will always have memories of my sweet friend of so many years... as well as the memories with my sister planting, digging, and instructing as we worked together for several hours. What is a garden without memories, stories, a character all it's own? 

Although not photographed yet, I also inherited an "elephant tree", and a handmade flower box by our very own "Pop". He's 89, and very tired, but in his younger years he harvested his own vegetables and kept beautiful greenery at bay around their home. The elephant tree is not the technical name, but Botanical Gardens has yet to return a response for the true identity of this tree/plant. . Tomorrow I'll spend another several hours planting and hope to rest and look on it's beauty at the end of the day. My neighbor's giving me some greenery to fill space as well, so I'll have my work cut out for me !!

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Cate Ferguson said...

What a lovely post. The connections you have made between nature, life, family, grandparents, past and future will stay with you the rest of your life. This is the way all of life can be. Thanks for sharing in such a lovely way.

I love to garden - both food and flowers and trees and... well anything really. Learning and sharing this way is so empowering. Well done.


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