Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pocket Gardener

The "Pocket Gardener" is a great idea to several new ways to think about gardening, especially living in the city. My sister has worked with the Childrens' Garden Project in downtown Charleston,S.C. for awhile, and now is spreading the joy of gardening everywhere she goes. This year for Mother's Day, she planted a small garden at our sister's house. You can see it here. She has a knack for gardening and now is hoping to venture into helping others start small gardens...hence the Pocket Gardener. I love it, and have already began dreaming a small garden in my back yard. This year I've started growing herbs and tomatoes, but would love more. The proceeds from the venture will benefit the inner-city Childrens' Garden, which will be wonderful. We're going to sell small paintings of gardens and flowers to get started, anyone interested? I hope to have time to visit and help with the garden project at Cornerstone Christian School this upcoming year. My sister has alot of ideas, such as flower boxes used as small garden boxes! The boxes are painted and then placed on a porch, giving sunlight and access, whereas the backyard may not have, such as those crowded with trees. I can't wait, Jennifer's coming over in June to start my "pocket garden", who says you have to live on a farm to live by the land?

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