Friday, May 8, 2009

Dream School

This year two of my 3rd graders won awards for the 'green' "dream school" art contest. The best feeling is knowing you had something, yet little to do with, someone else's success. The suprise came after I had settled into my seat for the awards program. After congratulating my student for 1st place, I hugged and squeezed her telling her how proud I was of her. Well, I noticed as the awards began, her 1st place ribbon was different, it had one of those circle ribbons around it...why? Well, she had won 1st place overall! Out of 900 entries. The award ceremony was heartwarming, and she was awarded a nice art set,certificate, and postcards with artwork on them. The best part is that, by far, our art department is one of the poorest, and our school is one that resembles an old abandoned building. Today I received a card and a painted fence doorhanger, as her parents greeted me in the hall to take another picture. The card read a special line.."Thank you for setting a good example for Mikayla and helping her to dream big!(and win). " There's nothing as special as that to hear for this art teacher. Hope is rising ! Pictures from the awards event will be posted on the AIA website soon !

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