Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Dentist Travels to the Projects

The Dental Bus arrived at the school where I teach art. We've had vision clinics and health clinics, but this is the most inventive way to reach these kids by far. It's great to see the kids coming back from the Dental Bus with their first cleaning, or see one of my 7th grade students finally receive treatment for 18 cavities ! She did run from the assistant at one point, sneaking back to my class. I felt like a parent convincing their child, "it won't hurt", "it'll be over before you know it", knowing myself that 18 fillings could be painful. These students live in a project housing community, most parents are without insurance or transportation. It's unfortunate to discover that many students neglect to do a simply task such as brush their teeth, but if my parents never told me to, it could have been the same for me. I realized this week, as many days, that the students I teach can't always depend on the adult or parent at home to train them, teach them, or take care of them. I hope more medical clinics, dental buses, and aid are brought to these poor and neglected children of this community. There is a tragedy among us when kids are raising themselves and basic life skills are not taught. The children are not forgotten, or hopeless, which gives me joy and peace. God is present, and His eyes are able to see and care for the fatherless and the poor.

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