Friday, January 16, 2009

I love NY , the Times that is..

Can I just say, keeping up with the 'world at large' has not always been easy. The media and other resources tend to tweek and twist news, latest happenings, and especially public figures. But recently I've become daily in tune with knowledge of breaking news,fashion,books,columns, and yes, even recipes that are healthy, by reading the New York Times. I am officially a fan of the paper. My dear friend Laura Womble gets the credit for nudging me towards a good media source for information about the world. Today I found a delightful recipe for winter squash I want to try, which I've been told is delicious! Yesterday I read a column by a favorite musician, Bono, about selfishness and resolutions.He portrayed Frank Sinatra's "My Way", and then the songs begins to play in your mind as you finish the read. Yesterday I read about a pastor in Seattle, Mark Driscoll titled "Who Would Jesus Smack Down", a very elegant column, relating alot of truth about the gospel, not at all what I expected from a secular writing. Simply wonderful reading material. As with any media you have to use discernment in the reading, but overall I'm terribly impressed with the clean writing styles, and actual attempts to publish information one would enjoy knowing about throughout the week. Thank you New York Times!

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