Monday, January 19, 2009

Bragging Rights

Let me just say, not only did the Civil Rights Institute host a formal art show for my students, but the students also attended the show, ghetto style. I have to brag on the boy with the hat because I seriously thought he'd be impossible to teach. Not so much impossible, just vocal about his ghetto, gang-slangin', dope dealin' rapin, ok I'll stop, but those are words that frequent his vocabulary on a daily basis. I couldn't believe he and his mom attended. Since that art show, he has claimed his venue spotlight as an 'artist'. It truly makes me think about his future, will he make it? If so, will art be his vocation? This boy has a story, like us all, except his touches the brokenness of family, drugs, poverty, immorality, and failures within a short time of his young adult life. This gave me hope of the chance that art may be used to reach the families and children of these dying communities in Birmingham, with life and hope of the future. And yes, he also greets me like most of my students each morning "what up Muh Corl" even though he's moved on from  my class. These students are not typical, their exceptional, to rules,norms,and ordinary communities. They will have overcome more within their young adolescence than most of us will ever endure during a lifetime. 

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