Saturday, December 20, 2008

Just take a look. .

This past Saturday, the 13th, I ventured out to celebrate my Birthday with wonderful friends. On my agenda was to visit the Greater Birmingham Human Society, to just look at these precious puppies and consider possibilities. Before you say.. "big mistake", just glimpse at the picture of this puppy. He fit the description of what I was looking for in alot of aspects. Colorful, puppy, with ALOT of potential. His name is Elijah, and yes, he's here at home with me, learning the routine. So far, so good. He has a crate, a bone, and a couple toys to occupy him. His favorite is this squeeky bunny, I've named 'Flopsy'. He wakes up at 5 am and we head out for a brisk walk to settle him and allow him to 'find his spot'. I've been teaching him to walk the perimeter of my yard, to avoid poop bombs all over my yard(yuck!). Stayed tuned for puppy!

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