Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's Christ's love

This holiday season I'm reminded of what God has provided to make me thankful. Health, a home, provision financially, loving family,friends,fellowship,church family, and most of all, eternal life.It saddens my heart to know that several children go without knowing true love through the holiday seasons. I'm grateful for re-learning holiday traditions with my brother-in-law's family. They place Christ at the center and celebrate Him as fellowship happens over food and gifts. The first several years my sister invited me to join their family holiday Thanksgiving & Christmas. The best part was that everyone prepared something to share and each of us spent time mulling over what would best express how God is working in our life. I'm thankful for a refreshing look at sharing holidays. Now as the family grows, the Christmas play is alot of fun, and thankfully we've had a real life baby to play Jesus, each year. ;)  . I hope that as Christ continues to teach us to love others through Him, He also wraps His arms around those that have not known love. This season I'm burdened for the unloved children, the poor families hurting, and the lost here in our city.

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