Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Aunt Mandi

These are my precious sister's children. From the left, Michael,Johnny, Lilly, and Jacob. We have a blast when we are together. They always remind me that having fun is simple! I love how sweet and caring they are with one another. Each have such a distinct personality. Lilly loves ballet and playing with the boys, while Jacob likes video games and fast cars. Johnny is full of energy and is hilarious, while baby Michael is still observing his family. I wonder what he will be like as he starts to crawl and stand. He looks like his mom, Johnny favors our sister Jennifer, Lilly looks like Aunt Andrea, and Jacob like his mom as well. I miss them dearly and cherish our time together in Georgia at their house in the country. It always feels like a retreat. I hope that time at my house will one day have that effect on others.

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