Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Lazy Day

The Coosa River was not exactly my first thought when thinking of what to do for Labor Day, but it turned out to be a great idea! A few hours paddling,floating, and fellowship with friends was much more than I could of expected. A truly beautiful day, and Hurricane Gustav stayed away, at least from Alabama. I met a woman from Louisiana who was at the church with some 60 other evacuees. She said if the hurricane destroys her house, she's not going back. The devastation and relocation, a life change I hope she doesn't have to struggle through alone. While she smoked her cigarette outside the hall of the church gym I couldn't help but think about her heart, her thoughts through the night, as she'd await news about her neighborhood. I prayed for her and the evacuees, for God's mercy, but mostly His love and will to be done. Romans 8:28 is a verse that can wrap itself around your heart in moments like that, trusting that He knows best.

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