Thursday, August 21, 2008

art + international

Teaching has gotten off to a great start. But it's not about me, as I listen like a fly on the wall to the art students around the room. Warming up to me and each other, picking their battles and finding their place in school. As I watch the Olympics ongoing as school starts, I'm encouraged at the atheletes determination and skills. The stories about their journey to the Olympics is my favorite part. I've always held a special place in my heart for the Olympics. I dreamed of running with atheletes from all over the world when I was young. The fact that you had to be faster than anyone in the world to get there didn't cross my mind. Besides Huntsville had a majority of internationals, and I never saw them at the city races. .and second place was good enough. Anyway, amazing how God shaped my heart to be more like His, turning all my affection to Him, to see His love for the nations. He truly used this childhood love of running and dreaming to spark a much deeper and stronger love for His creation, His world. As in the same, a love for art evoking a love for cultures and now teaching that same love to the children in my art classes.

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