Wednesday, April 16, 2008

be refreshed

Posted by Picasa The invitation to Santa Rosa Beach came last minute, but with plenty of time to throw together some things and take a few days off from teaching. We have not been to Santa Rosa Beach in Pensacola since we took our mom 5 years ago. I remember dancing, laughing, and listening to mom talk about sharks.
This time with my sisters was great! We laughed over our antics and quirks continually. I enjoyed every minute with my niece and nephews. Spending time with my brother-in-law is always special as well. He is an amazing husband/father to my sister and their kids. I've learned so much about devotion to the Lord, His word, and obedience by being part of their family. Jennifer always adds laughter and fun to our time together. Amazing how each one of us are so different, but yet so alike. I'm thankful for the beach trip in many ways. The joy that God offers through fellowship with siblings or family should bring a true heart of worship. Even when we think ...others are wrong. (Romans 8:28-30). The grains of sand remind me of His redemption for His children, the ocean brings refreshing new tides in every wave, and the rest from the world reminds me of His glory and power. Thank you Lord for giving the 5 year anniversary of mom's death a refreshing new memory of family and fellowship with Christ.


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