Monday, February 25, 2008

see what had happen was

today was great. on entrance into school, a "good morning" as usual to the principal and a few others. wait! a message? my principal stops me to announce Channel 42 chose my art class for the $1000 grant "One Teacher at a Time". wow! the rest of the day was full speed ahead, decorating, cuting,climbing ladders,drawing, and giving instructions, as we prepared for our Black History program on Thursday. we are almost done, and i can't wait to see these kids perform their play. God suprises me in many ways, by joy, blessings, and peace. today with provision, for the art dept. at the inner city school. the investment i'll get to make will be shaping the future of many of these children. If God intrusts this to me, may He be glorified. the Lord is good, to those who hope in His name. be of good courage and wait on His plans and purpose. the best feeling i have is knowing that in all my life right now, God is sanctifying me through His word and the challenges in life. i am desperate for a Savior, everday. Praise His name.
"In His presence there is fullness of joy."Psalm 16:11


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