Friday, February 22, 2008

february in birmingham

birmingham. home of the Civil Rights. this has been most humbling to hear as i'm reminded of the hatred and violence that took place here. the communities that are still being rebuilt in light of the tragedy of discrimination. why does God allow it? He is just, and He is righteous. The bombing of 16th St. Baptist, the loss of 4 innocent young lives, was enough to see this was not only enemies of race, but of God himself.

the challenge was brought to me out of John 4 at church last sunday. Jesus steps through cultural barriers, through conversation, and declares to the woman at the well, "If you knew the gift of life.." the call to be a friend to sinners. how difficult in various situations, but indeed, a command. like most of what God teaches in His word, we battle against ourself, all of the ingrained culture we learn over the years. He is the light of the world, how profound, yet i seem to hear that, without the actions that should follow. i've seen a glimmer of the suffering from the Civil Rights era and can only relate through what i've read in God's word, those who were and are currently despised for His name sake. this month has been a sobering glance in the past and the altogether a look at what i've called suffering to be a terrible case of selfishness. God's grace is sufficient, praise His name.

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Jennifer Dean said...

We walk around so oblivious to these truths! Thank you for the reminder! I love you girl :0)


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