Monday, December 31, 2012

DIY Table

All you need is a great neighborhood where your neighbors leave their old stuff by the road for pick-up. Most of you thrifty people know what I mean when I say "treasure hunting." We didn't have to go far when our nextdoor neighbors tossed out their old wheelbarrow. At first the vision was to put it to use with pinestraw, but with it's dangling wheel that was a no go. It was dismantled for parts and the ideas began to flow. I also have a favorite piece of wood we found two years ago amidst a firewood pile. It's not a log, but was definitely part of a beautiful tree at one time during it's lifespan. It had to be displayed as a tabletop sooner than later. ..but when? Before 2013. It was a stocking stuffer sneakret! While I was away getting goodies for his stocking, I returned, with much requested delay, to my new coffee table. I imagined it looking just like this. Very similar to one we saw at an antique store. We still plan on adding another layer of stain and polishing the metal, but as is I absolutely love it.

It also has now found a home on our front porch between our rocking chairs. I think a more suitable venue.

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