Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thank You, I've noticed my belly too

To kick off the third trimester of pregnancy I have heard a colorful variety of...lets call them comments. 

Hope you are as entertained as I was,here are just a few(caveat, I laughed too,so don't feel bad,I'm enjoying my new size.)

" wow, you look different "
" hear about the pregnant lady who ran a marathon "(ps.what about the one that had a cracked pelvis afterwards featured on Runner's World?)
" you are radiant " 
" you might need a crane to take you to the hospital "
" well so&so saw your picture and just couldn't believe how big you are "
" are you sure you aren't having twins "
" you look beautiful, I'm serious "
" whoa, you got some girth over there "
" you should walk everyday " 
" when are you due? no way!! "
" well you look normal everywhere else "

And so consequently as my (hormonal) emotional side got the best of me, I called my sister after some tears and waited for encouragement. In a moment's time I was smiling and laughing. She shared some amazingly funny stories through carrying her four beautiful children. All of which weighed just 7lbs., despite her weight gain. Here is one that had me in tears. Just near her due date with her third child she was barely able to walk around. Baby was low and crowding the room needed to move around normally. So, as she ventured to the grocery she escorted herself to the mini-go-cart shoppers. The clerk eventually gave her a key to keep so she could scoot in and out as she pleased. We discussed healthy pregnancies, our dear mom, the nuances of our pop culture, and how truly biased the shape of a woman has been ingrained into our minds since childhood. ..and even through pregnancy. How have we come so far to miss this beautiful transformation? I pray our generation takes it back and women can enjoy every ounce and iota of their God given shape during pregnancy. 
I finally bought "Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy", and so far, so good. I've laughed out loud on several occasions while reading. Here is just a snippet, "If you are like me you have loving friends who will reassure you that your face hasn't changed at all,and that from the back you don't even look pregnant. They will say that you look healthier and more beautiful than ever. THEY ARE LYING. Sure pregnancy is adorable,but if you think it's your best look, just wait until you get your old look back and compliments start to flow- few people will come up to you and say, "I really miss your bump and big booty." ;p
This post is more than cynical, I know, but all in good humor for sure. As I round out the last trimester, and I mean ROUND it out, I hope to do it with strides of joy, not concern about my belly sticking way out. Praise the Lord my baby has plenty of room to swim around and be nurtured until she arrives. I couldn't be more thankful and excited and overwhelmed all at the same time. My amazing husband has been such a light, encouragement, rock, and best friend through it all. I feel like in his eyes I'm still looking like a princess. 
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